ArgosAI won HORIZON 2020 Support

ArgosAI is entitled to SME Instrument support from EU Horizon 2020 with the project "Safer and Timely Flights with Automated Foreign Object Detection System".

In the final evaluation round for phase 1 support, the European Commission selected only 128 innovative products from 2,156 project applications that can change the market. On this tour, only one ArgosAI from Turkey was on the winners list.

You can access here. The number of projects that have received HORIZON 2020 SME phase 1 support from various European countries is over 2,500 till today. The number of projects listed in this list in Turkey rose to 13 with ArgosAI. Horizon 2020 SME winners can be found here.

ArgosAI operates in flight security. The A-FOD system, based on electro-optical and artificial intelligence, detects foreign objects (FOD) in airports at airports. A-FOD, which ensures that flights are safer and timely, is one of the few products in the world.

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